Dear Linden Families,

This web page has been created for parents and students to access optional learning resources during extended school closure due to COVID-19. We will be updating this page throughout the weeks ahead. It is important to note that these resources are optional and supplemental to distance learning materials prepared for classes by your children’s teachers.

Please note that some of the resources below may be new to students. They are intended to extend previous learning or work as practice. Students, especially those in EC through sixth, may need the assistance of parents to navigate these resources.


Tricia Drake
Head of School

Distance Learning


Our mindset is to treat each week of distance learning like a week of on-campus school. Distance learning can present different opportunities and challenges that don’t exist in our regular Waldorf classroom settings. While the platform for approaching your child’s learning will be different, our goal is to deliver a high-quality Waldorf education that continues to nourish our deep community roots. 

As we join together in this adventure, it is important that students develop good learning habits. We offer the following tips to make sure our students are as successful as possible in this new environment.

Early Childhood parents, here's the Early Childhood Beyond the Classroom Newsletter filled with aligned lessons and information created by our very own EC teachers!

LWS Teachers are preparing distance learning week by week for every grade! Check out this video and see all the work that went into planning Beyond the Classroom at Linden.

Support for Parents 

General Guidelines for Distance Learning

  • Set up a work area for your student at home away from TV/social media distractions
  • Come up with a schedule, but let your child have input! Distance learning doesn’t have to be between regular school hours. Set aside study times, break times and recreation times that make the most sense for your child.
  • During work times - consider limiting phone/social media access. We know when the phone is nearby focus on work declines substantially. There may be times when phone access is appropriate during work time, like a group project or study session over the phone with friends. There should be a balance, but many aspects of distance learning will be individual.

Eliminate Distractions

Because students will be learning from home, it’s important to help them create a learning space where they can be successful. While every house has a unique set-up, it’s important to try and remove as many distractions as possible. For younger learners this may mean moving some toys into the closet or into a different room. For older learners it may mean putting their cell phones away or keeping the television off.


Distance learning offers an opportunity for you to help your student develop or continue using great organizational skills. Give your student the opportunity to organize their learning space in a way that makes sense to them and where they know the location of each resource. Allowing them to have a space for their pencils, notebooks, markers, and other materials will help them develop organizational skills that can be reinforced throughout the year.


Distance learning is new for many people. Each day teachers will communicate with parents of K-6 students and with students in grades 7-12. You may have questions or need additional support and should reach out to school staff, teachers, counselors, and/or administration. We are all in this together and will work together to be successful!

Special Services during Distance Learning

There are various methods of instruction/activities which teachers may utilize for student engagement. These include but are not limited to:

  • Video of read-aloud (Zoom, Facetime, etc.)
  • Retelling with graphic organizer
  • Independent reading
  • Decoding and fluency practice
  • Speech/language activities
  • OT/PT exercises
  • Math fluency activities
  • Social emotional activities and assignments as well as possible direct contact (phone, Facetime, Google video, Zoom) with your student
  • Videos (via email, Google Classrooms, etc.)
  • Phone calls
  • Learning websites
  • Learning Apps
  • Google slides

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to date. We will continue to populate this as we get more questions.

My child’s only access to the internet is on my smartphone. Will physical work be sent to students?

  • Materials packets have been made available for parents to pick up in front of the pickup line entrance on campus. All teachers will be posting assignments online through Google Classrooms and/or e-mail.


Will all student work be digital?

  • We are trying to provide materials digitally with the exception of packets.


Will elementary teachers provide video or live instruction? 

  • Some teachers may choose to provide students with video or live instruction.


Will there be instruction in subject classes (Handwork, Music, Movement, etc.) online?

  • Yes. All teachers are posting instruction/assignments for students.


Is there any flexibility for students to complete daily assignments after the 3:00pm deadline? 

  • Absolutely! We understand the impact this change to education has on families. Please have your student communicate with their teacher each day.


What about standardized tests such as ERBs?

  • At this point, while the US Department of Education has suspended standardized testing requirements of students for the current school year, we will schedule some ERBs over the summer and next year.


My child receives support services. Am I expected to replicate that at home?

  • Classroom support teachers are working very hard to provide students with continued supports in the distance learning environment. Any student that was receiving support services will be contacted by the teachers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them with questions.


Should my child follow their current daily schedule when working on assignments?

  • Students can certainly follow their typical schedule if this works best for them. All teachers will be posting their daily assignments by 9am. Students and their families have flexibility in how they structure their days to complete this work and should make a schedule that works best for them. Please see Sample Schedules listed on this page. Please note that teachers are available during their posted office hours each day and may offer live instruction or conferencing opportunities throughout the day.


What happens if my child is sick?

  • Please communicate with your teachers about student absence. Parents will be expected to report their child absent via the online form on this page. If a child is not reported absent, the child will be considered present. If a student(s) is not regularly completing assignments then please contact your teacher.


How can my child stay connected with friends and feel part of the school community during social distancing?

  • Social interaction is an important part of students’ lives and we encourage students to use technology such as face time to interact with friends. As parents, you still may want to limit access to social media sites or be mindful of how your child is using social media with their friends. We are actively planning social times to make both students and teachers feel connected to the school community. This will develop over time, but some early ideas include daily Friday assemblies, ¡Pura Vida! Parties, study sessions hosted by teachers, etc.

Articles about Distance Learning 

Google Classrooms (By Grade Level)

How to Get to Google Classroom to Find Student Work

Information about COVID-19

Please refer to our COVID-19 web page for information. While we will not be able to diagnose or provide medical recommendations, we are available for questions or concerns. We will continue to update the resources on this web page throughout the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here are a few resources we wanted to share:

Please make sure you are maintaining healthy eating habits and exercise if you are able. Keeping a schedule will also assist in obtaining some normalcy for both you and your children. We are all here if you need us at ________________________.






Every student in grades 1-8

plays a musical instrument.  

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