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  • State of the School 2015

    Details were distributed in Linden Life.

    A quick look at the meeting held Friday, October 9th.

  • Join us in Fellowship Hall for Grades 1-8 Parent Orientation Saturday, August 15th, 9:30 am.  (Parents only, please).

  • Thanks so much for your support of Linden Waldorf School!  We raised $4101 during the Big Payback! 

  • Get your tickets to the Getdown now! It's our spring auction event and the most fun adult-only party of the year. Tickets are just $85 and includes drinks, dinner, dancing, and valet parking at the Hutton Hotel! Wait til you see who's singing with the band!


  • Many thanks to the  multi-award-winning superstars Jewel, Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski, Tony Lane, Tony Lucca, and Josh Kear who performed to 2 sold-out audiences at 3rd & Lindsley on March 28, 2015 to benefit Linden Waldorf School. It was an incredible event!  Click HERE to view the gallery!


    This event is generously sponsored by  Rockstar MotorcarsSun Studio, and Sitemason.


  • Windows On Waldorf Tours

    See Waldorf Education Firsthand

    Windows On Waldorf (WOW) tours provide adults an opportunity to see our education come alive.  Please join us to hear a general overview of Waldorf education, observe classes, view student work, and learn more about Linden Waldorf School.  Learn more.

  • Crisis in Early Education

    Alliance for Childhood Article

    Read this article about the Crisis in Early Education and learn more about the need for more play and less pressure.

  • Waldorf Makes National News

    NBC & CBS feature Waldorf Education

    Waldorf education is making the national news recently on NBC and CBS.

  • Tennessean Article

    Linden Waldorf School Featured

    Linden Waldorf School was featured in The Tennessean this past Saturday in response to the New York Times article about media in Waldorf Schools.

  • Death of Preschool?

    Scientific American Article

    The November 2011 issue of Scientific American includes this wonderful article on preschools.  Read about the importance of play for children on our Facebook page or on Waldorf Today. 

  • Michaelmas

    Linden Waldorf School Celebrates

    Linden students celebrated Michaelmas on Friday, September 30. Click here to read more.

  • Waldorf One World Day

    Linden Students Celebrate

    Linden Waldorf School 8th graders participate in International Waldorf One World (WOW) Day. Click here to read more.


  • Race to Nowhere

    Thank you for coming

    Thank you for attending the screening of Race to Nowhere.  Click here to see articles related to this documentary.

  • Recess Rules

    For Parents

    If you plan to hang out after school, please make sure you are familiar with the recess rules. Click here to read more.

  • The 7th grade class was featured on Channel 17  news just before Christmas. Click here to learn more.

  • Learn more about this special service weekend.

  • Report Documents How Outdoor Time Boosts Academic Performance.  Read it here.

  • Check out the latest newsletter from AWSNA.

  • Creativity Crisis

    Newsweek Article

    LWS is about developing imagination and creativity. Check out this article from Newsweek magazine called Creativity Crisis that shows why this is so important.

  • Where Should I Park?

    From the administrator

    Parents please click above to read this letter about the parking lot and view the diagram of where to park.

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