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Where Should I Park?

From the administrator


Where, oh where, oh where should I park??

The 2011-2012 school year marks the highest enrollment in Linden Waldorf School’s history. This means
more students, more parents, more teachers……and more cars. As I am sure you have noticed, the
parking lot is congested during morning drop off and afternoon pick up times. We are asking for your help.

Safety is our number one concern. Accidents can happen so quickly, yet they can impact you for a
lifetime. When I was learning to drive, my mom used to tell me, “You have more time than lives.” Turns out she
was a pretty smart lady! I have heard this phrase echo in my mind over and over as I have observed the comings
and goings in the parking lot since school began. In an effort to enhance our parking lot safety, we are asking
parents to remember the following while on the school campus:

When driving:

  • Keep an eye out for foot traffic. Check both directions before reversing or pulling out from parking spaces.
  • Pay attention and slow down. Refrain from using your cell phone. Reaction time for braking nearly doubles for a distracted driver.
  • Do not drive past the Manse garage/Linden Seeds Store from 7:30a – 5:30p.

When dropping off students:

  • Pull all the way forward in the student drop off zone before letting students out of the car.
  • Wait until a member of the school staff meets your car before letting your child out of the car.
  • Do not drop students at any area of the campus other than the student drop off zone.

When parking:

  • Park before you reach the walkway and chalkboard. Spots closest to the Manse are reserved for faculty and staff in order to limit car traffic where there is the highest amount of foot traffic. We place cones to block this area off from 7:50a – 8:30a each morning.
  • Park only in designated areas, which include the paved and grassy areas to the right of the driveway, the paved area by the farm stand, and the grassy area to the left of the driveway. (See the diagram below for clarification of what is or isn’t a parking area.)

When walking:

  • Remind your child(ren) to look left, right, and then left again before crossing any street or driveway area.
  • Hold the hand of small children when walking in the parking lot.
  • Try to walk along the edges of the drive, not down the middle.
  • If visiting with parents and/or other students in the parking lots, please step onto the grassy areas, rather than standing on the paved drive.

Bottom line:
Allow enough time to reach school comfortably, pay attention, look out for pedestrians and vehicles and have more time than lives!


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