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Fifth Grade

At this age the students view the world in a synthetic rather than analytic manner.  They show grace and ease in their physical movements.  They cognitively approach a problem in a more realistic, reasoning manner as their intellectual faculties emerge.

History:   Back to the dawn of human civilization, in ancient India, Persia, Greece, and Egypt, through mythology, music architecture, and art, the students discover the roots of western culture.  They gain a sense for the differences between each cultural epoch so they understand how human consciousness has evolved through time.  Among the biographies read are Buddha, Pythagoras, Socrates, Pericles, and Alexander the Great.

Literature:  The literature support the historical block of ancient history through mythologies and poetry.  The students recite and sing sacred and secular texts, using primary source material whenever possible.

Geography:   Geography also complements the study of ancient cultures.  In addition, students study the geography of the North American continent, cultural and physical, which includes the study of Native Americans.  There is a sense of great contrasts:  the North American continent from north to south and east to west:  human and economic use of resources in contrast.  Students gain a feeling of relatedness with fellow human beings living in all other parts of the world.

English and Grammar:  Students review previous work and add active and passive verbs, subject, predicate, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, parts of speech, syntax, punctuation, phases, direct and indirect objects and compound verb tenses.  Word families are emphasized in reading activities.  Different writing styles include essays and short stories.

Science:  Botany, the study of plant life, shows students the order and structure in natural world.  They see that the acorn contains the oak tree.  Students study the monocotyledon, dicotyledon, algae, and mosses, and investigate how climate and geography affect plant growth.

Math:  The 5th curriculum focuses on factoring, finding averages, decimals, word problems, and situations involving measurement of time, linear and volumetric measures, and measurements of weight, ratio, calculation of area, and reciprocals.

Artistic work:  Form drawing is emphasized.  In support of the ancient culture study, braided and geometrical forms from Egyptian and Greek artifacts are recreated.  Triangles and hexagons are added to drawings.  Painting continues.  Greek columns, vases, and tablets are sculpted in clay.

Music:  Recorder playing continues.

Games:  5th graders work towards a Greek Olympiad, which features the javelin, discus, running, long jump and wrestling.  In May, they compete against other area Waldorf schools.

GRADE:  1   2    3    4    5    6    7    8  

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