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Second Grade

As our students enter 2nd grade, they become more aware of themselves and others but still have their imaginative consciousness.  They recognize their own personalities and emotions, positive and negative. 

History and Literature:  Fables show honesty and deceit, trust and betrayal, kindness and cruelty in contrast.  Stories of saints give examples of persons dedicated to higher purpose with historical verity.    Both types of stories show the child that he/she has choices.  Fables, legends, and saint stories strengthen moral awareness.

Geography:  The environment is introduced through observation.

English and Grammar:  Writing skills are reinforced.  The students’ first reading experience is what they write in their main lesson books:  short verse, a retelling of a fable.  In this way, they follow written language as it actually developed over the course of human history.  They practice lower case letters, write and read longer sentences.  The children learn the first elements of composition with emphasis placed on good handwriting.  They read their own writing from their main lesson books, and, each day, practice speech and articulation through verse and song, eventually leading to a class play.

Science:  Stories from nature build an awareness of and sensitivity to surroundings. The children relate to the earth as a living being whose breathing appears in the winds, in tides of ocean, and in the four seasons of the year. The kingdoms of nature are introduced through storytelling.

Mathematics:  Continuing with stories and games, the children learn the nature of place value.  Games involving movement and rhythmic counting provide a basis for learning the multiplication table. The children tackle problems that reflect real life.  Column addition and carrying in subtraction are introduced and practiced through situational problems and number journeys.

Music: More complex musical concepts are introduced.

Artistic work:  Purling and crocheting are added to knitting.  The children draw running forms and mirrored forms and add more detail to picture drawing.  In painting, they continue to learn quality of color with emphasis on feeling experience.  Beeswax is used to model scenes and/or characters from favorite stories.

Games:  The children learn cooperative rules, social skills while improving large muscle development.

GRADE:  1   2    3    4    5    6    7    8  

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