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Early Childhood Education

The early childhood teacher in a Waldorf school works with the young child first by creating a warm, beautiful and loving home-like environment, which is protective and secure and where things happen in a predictable, regular manner. Here she responds to the developing child in two basic ways.

Firstly, the teacher engages in domestic, practical and artistic activities that the children can readily imitate (for example, baking, painting, gardening and handicrafts), adapting the work to the changing seasons and festivals of the year.

Secondly, the teacher nurtures the children's power of imagination particular to the age. She does so by telling carefully selected stories and by encouraging free play. This free or fantasy play, in which children act out scenarios of their own creation, helps them to experience many aspects of life more deeply. When toys are used, they are made of natural materials. Pine cones, wood, cotton, silk, shells, stones and other objects from nature that the children themselves have collected are used in play and to beautify the room.

Fostering the magic of childhood builds a foundation for creative and flexible thinking later in life and preserves the merriment and awe inherent in young children. Sequencing, sensory integration, eye-hand coordination tracking, appreciating the beauty of language and other basic skills necessary for the foundation of academic excellence are fostered in the Early Childhood. In this truly natural, loving and creative environment, the children are given a range of activities and the structure that help them prepare for the next phase of school life.

Our Early Childhood Program
Linden Waldorf School offers three mixed- age Early Childhood Classes for ages three-six.  The program is from 8:30-12:30 and includes circle time, outdoor play, indoor play, healthy snack and story time.  For an additional fee, we offer a Resting Stars program until 3:00 which includes lunch (provided by parents), rest time and quiet play.  We also offer a Buttercup playgroup for ages 18 months to age three. This program meets for two hours once a week.  Please visit the admissions page to learn more about applying for the Early Childhood program.

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