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Linden Waldorf School is part of a global community of Waldorf schools.  Set on a verdant hill in the heart of Nashville on the spacious Trinity Presbyterian Church campus, Linden Waldorf School (the only Waldorf school in Tennessee) serves children from early childhood to grade eight.

Our teachers are committed to developing students' intellectual flexibility, independent judgment, and moral courage. Waldorf educators work with the conviction that childhood is sacred; that children learn naturally when the curriculum meets their developmental needs; that children's imaginations need to be nurtured and protected; and that students should be engaged through active, curious participation in their learning. Our faculty emphasizes the importance of a children's ability to find joy in learning and to experience wonder and awe in the world around them.

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Office Hours are M-F 8:00am to 3:30pm.

Linden Waldorf School Vision Statement

We envision a thriving inter-generational and diverse community of life-long learners dedicated to fostering the ideals of Waldorf education with the intention of cultivating the intellectual curiosity, moral consciousness, and physical well-being of our students, families, and the greater community.


Linden Waldorf School Mission Statement

Linden Waldorf School’s mission is to provide education that honors the developmental stages of childhood, cultivates a love of learning, and addresses the whole child through the head, hands, and heart.


Our school embodies the hard work and dreams of parents, faculty, and board for their children and future generations.  In 1990, the Waldorf Association of Nashville was established as a group of educators, Steiner study group participants, and parents who met informally to explore the possibility of establishing Waldorf Education in Nashville. Our Early Childhood Program grew out of this and was established in 1993.

The school’s first, fully-trained grades teacher was hired in 1998 to teach a budding crown kindergarten class. This class would eventually graduate in May 2007 to become our first 8th grade graduates.

In the summer of 2002, the expanding grades program relocated to our current space at Trinity Presbyterian Church, where we eventually reunited our early childhood program with our grades program. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated staff, parents, and community members, our school continues to grow.


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